Thrilling Adventure Activities in Dhanaulti


For those seeking a complete vacation, there is a lot one can do at Bamboo Junction Resort. A small or large group can enjoy many adventure activities situated nearby our resort in Dhanaulti.

Sky Walk

Are you an adventure lover?? Then Dhanaulti is the best place for you. Enjoy this thrilling & fun filled adventure activity open to try in Dhanaulti. It requires a daring heart to perform this, so make sure you’re a “Dare Devil”. This new adventure activity gets you to walk up on a 360 ft long single wire rope at a height of 120 ft.

Sky Bridge

The longest hanging bridge in the India made wire rope & bamboos having a length of 300 ft & a height of 80 ft. The support you will have is of the harness that you will be attached to, as the bridge shakes while you cross it, you will need to cross it sure is a treat for your adrenaline.

Valley Crossing

Imagine that you are hanging by the rope in the middle of the two mountains. Crossing the valley with the help of a pulley by pulling your own hand is going to be a tough sport for you all but the adventure and excitement will be the best part for all of you. The height varies but the usual height of the rope is 110 ft.

Zip Swing

If you people are really want to make your vacations best so don’t miss the most adventures and thrilling activity of zip swing. Enjoy the fun & thrill of both Zip Lining & Giant Swing during Zip Swing. First you have to go for zipping on wire rope and then reaching at the middle you will have to swing high at 80 ft.

Zip Line

Whenever we talk about the trip the first thought came in our mind is adventure and yes no doubt Zip line is a very famous and adventure activity in Dhanaulti. This activity tends to get very thrilling as you have to go sliding through a rope while you are being harnessed.


Trekking is what excites even the first timers. Dhanaulti has a number of treks nearby such as Lal Tibba, Gun Hill, Surkanda Devi Trek etc where you can enjoy the scenic grandeur of the Himalayas. Trekking is the all time favorite activity for the visitors.

Rock Climbing

Climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport. Learn to climb the rocks which are 70 ft to 85 ft tall & get on to another level of adventure. Rock climbing is both demanding and determining activity. Yes, no doubt it is very dangerous but experiencing the nature with trill is so much excited.

Mountain Biking

The best way of exploring the scenic town of Dhanaulti on your bike is this sport of mountain biking that will not only give you a rush of excitement but also will be therapeutic for the rider within you. We all went to the trip only for the mental piece and the best mental and physical activity is the mountain biking.

Cave Exploration

Located at a distance of 6km before Dhanaulti at Buranskhanda on Dhanaulti- Buranskhanda road is the hidden cave of Pandava’s surrounded by beautiful alpine meadows and towering trees of Deodar, Pine, Oak, Apricot and Walnut. Explore these caves and get the glimpse of the times bygone.

Village Tour

Last but not the least; don’t forget to discover the beautiful Pahadi Villages which are full of scenic views having amazing ancestral architectural houses. You can also discover some time for cultural exchange and take the life time experience of your journey.

Tehri Dam Water Sports Activity

Reaching a staggering height of 260 meters, the imposing Tehri Dam is one of the tallest dams in the world and the tallest dam in India. Tehri Dam is most famous for its water sports activities like Paragliding, Jet Skiing, Banana Boat Ride etc. It encourage adventure lovers, the government has planned to bring adrenaline-rushing water sports along with aerial sport and other activities at Tehri Lake & turn it into an adventure sport hub.

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